5 Ways a Baby can Change a Couple’s Relationship

Once a baby arrives, your life as you knew it will definitely change. The only thing you can do is to be mentally prepared and welcome those changes in your life. If you are pregnant right now, make sure you get your private ultrasound scan to check your baby and your health. Along with that, you should also plan out the various changes you will be having in your life and how you will deal with them.

Facing the ups and downs

Once a baby arrives, both the mother and father will be tired all the time. When you are not well-rested, it can lead to different conflicts among yourselves. You need to make sure that while one is awake, the other one is well-rested and takes turns to take care of the baby. Sometimes, money can also become a cause of stress. If one parent is staying at home rather than going to work and the other one is only going to work, it can also lead to some underlying issues.

Partner getting ignored

One common problem that can occur after the baby arrives is that if the mother is busy taking care of the baby, she is unable to give time to her partner. This can make her partner feel sidelined and ignored. Not only the mother needs to make time for her partner, but the father also needs to be involved fully in taking care of the baby. Also, try to be as understanding you can be of each other.

Parenting Decisions

If you have different views regarding parenting, make sure you discuss it beforehand to avoid conflicts later on. If you can decide on a joint approach regarding parenting, you will be able to lessen your problems even in the future as your child grows up.


Communicating with your partner is always vital. Without communication, every relation tends to fall apart after a period of time. If you feel, you have some tension between the both of you, try to talk and what you have in your mind once you calmed down. Don’t blame each other for anything as you both are striving hard to do the best for your child and your life. Instead of arguing, make sure you have a clear understanding of each other’s perspectives.

If you can follow all these tips after the baby arrives, the changes will become easy for you to adjust to. While the baby hasn’t arrived yet, you should definitely get a private ultrasound scan in Milton Keynes to make sure your baby is healthy.

7 Benefits You Can Get From A Postpartum Massage

When a woman gets pregnant, especially for the first time, most women don’t think much beyond the nine months of pregnancy where each day is dealt as they come. Going to a baby scan clinic for a health checkup, fighting with nausea, dealing with your pregnant belly, weird cravings are all the things that are primarily in a woman’s mind during pregnancy. But one should also plan what happens after giving birth. Like getting a postpartum massage. Here are some benefits of this massage.

Helps With Recovery Of The Uterus

Eliminating blood and other discharges post-delivery is always needed which is done by uterine contractions naturally. Stomach massage after delivery can aid the uterus in its natural cleansing process and also aid in restoring its pre-natal size and form.

Reduces Swelling

Reduced circulation caused by increased pressure on the major blood vessels by the heavy uterus and hormonal imbalances may lead to water retention and swelling of the joints. Working on the soft tissues of the body improves circulation and eliminates excess fluid and toxins.

Improves Breastfeeding

Postnatal massages involve special techniques to stimulate breast tissue. It causes the ‘letdown’ reflex by triggering the production of oxytocin.

Reduces The Risk Of Blocks And Lumps In The Breasts

Massages help loosen out lumps and even help prevent mastitis. Mastitis is the bacterial infection caused by a blocked milk duct in the breast where milk starts to stagnate. All of these, in turn, eases the process of breastfeeding.

Improves Stability, Posture And Co-ordination

During pregnancy, the core muscles become weak due to stretching. Alteration in body mass causes the posture to change and hormonal changes make the connective tissues relax. A postnatal massage can help you get your strength back by reversing this change.

Reduces Stress

Pregnancy can be stressful and for months even after giving birth your body goes through a lot of changes. A postnatal massage is just the thing to recharge your body that will help you unwind and beat that stress.

Helps In Dealing With Postpartum Blues

Postpartum depression may be a serious condition that affects only 10-15% of mothers. It is natural for any woman to experience anxiety, stress and other heightened emotions after delivery. Listen to your body and give it the attention it needs.

As much as visiting a baby scan clinic during pregnancy is important, getting a postpartum massage is also important. So, don’t think it is just a type of luxury but instead, it is sometimes medically important. You can have this massage from an expert any time you want to right after coming back from the hospital.

Creative Ideas To Help You Announce Your Pregnancy This Christmas

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” – Edna Ferber

As soon as the month of December starts, we start making all kinds of preparations with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. On top of that if this Christmas, you are pregnant then the excitement must be double. After you have confirmed yours and your baby’s health with the help of a baby scan clinic, you can start preparing for ways to announce your pregnancy to your partner and family.

Baby Scan Image

Baby Scan Image

The Christmas tree is going to come handy for this option as well. Your baby scan clinic definitely has handed over a few amazing baby scan shots. All you need to do is to place them gracefully on the Christmas tree.

Use Baby Socks

Use Baby Socks

You clearly are having a Christmas tree displayed for all your dedication and wish socks. This year along with these Santa socks hang a pair of small baby socks as well. A clever way of announcing that blends well with the theme.

Make A Snow Baby

Make A Snow Baby

Yep, you have read right. Not a snowman but a snow baby. You can carve it yourself if is an expert in making them, but probably it is best to get one customized from the people who are a pro in this. You can dress it lightly with a bow as well or use christmas decorations or even hang them on the Christmas tree.

Theme Party

Theme Party

Of course, Christmas reminds us of spirituality taught by Jesus. In case you want to announce your pregnancy in a clever way, you can have a themed party of ‘birth of Jesus’, where the to-be-parents can dress as Mary and Joseph. You can also use themed Christmas props to decorate the party showing that you are pregnant.

Belly Bow

Belly Bow

A baby is the greatest gift for you this season. Show your love with this little tricky way. The best part is, all you need for this, is the bow ties. You can have the to-be-mama to tie a ribbon around her baby bump and make a fancy knot around the navel.

These are some of the fun ways to announce your big news with your friends and folks. Which one did you like the most? Let us know your favourite idea. But among all these hyperactivity don’t forget to take care of your baby and visit a baby scan clinic to make sure of it.

5 Movies To Watch On Fatherhood This Father’s Day

Fathers are as much as important as a mother in a child’s life. Caring and upbringing of a child are said to be a two parents’ job. From the moment your partner visits the baby scan clinic and confirms her pregnancy your days of fatherhood starts too. It is understandable that you would feel anxiety, stress, excitement all at once. It is also common to feel clueless about what to do and what not to do once your baby arrives.

Movies have always played a huge role in everyone’s life. Sometimes, in the form of entertainment and sometimes in the form of inspiration, movies teach us a lot. This father’s day we have listed such a single father’s or clueless father’s movies, as a way of inspiration on how to be a great father.

Finding Nemo

One of the best movies on fathers and son, this is a movie not only for to-be-fathers but also for sons to bond with their fathers. Released in 2003, though it is an animated movie, the story is filled with a little bit of everything; heartbreak, fun, adventure, and a lot of family drama. When Nemo gets lost in the ocean and captured, his father goes on to a long adventurous journey to bring back his son. The film is a good example of showing the great lengths a father would go to protect his child.

The Kid

A classic Charlie Chaplin comedy movie of 1921, shows that you don’t have to give birth to a child to become a father. After a mother abandons her newborn son, Charlie Chaplin finds him. Though at first a bit reluctant, he decides to take him and raise him. Beneath the comedy, a lot of scary and realistic truths of life are shown, including the trauma of a child being abandoned.

Mrs. Doubtfire

After an unpleasant divorce, the father disguises himself as a female nanny to stay with his kids held in custody by his ex-wife. Released in 1993, as much as the movie is funny, it also shows the heartbreaking truth of how a couple’s divorce affects their kids.


Another classic of 1989, parenthood is a chaotic story filled with laughter. Gil Buckman makes a decent attempt to juggle his personal and professional life while managing the issues of his three kids. His stresses increase when he finds that his wife is pregnant once more. The movie is about a ton of parents and youngsters – four ages, from an old matron to a 3-year-old. Nearly everybody in this movie is both a kid and a parent, and a significant part of the film’s quality originates from the manner in which it sees every age in response to its folks’ thoughts of parenthood.

17 Again

In real life, you don’t get to have a do-over on becoming a good father. But that is exactly what happened in this 2009 released movie. Initially, Mike O’Donnell wishes that if he would be 17 again, he would choose his career over his then high school girlfriend, now separated wife and kids. But when he does become 17 again, he chooses to become a good father to his son and daughter. A comedy on fatherhood and his regrets, it is a prime example of how even a clueless father can always turn around and try to be an attentive father.

On this father’s day, you can watch these movies with your family and let us know which one you liked the best. Also, did any of the movies inspire you on parenting?

4 Common Challenges Of IVF Conception And How To Overcome Them

Most women are lucky enough to become pregnant through natural conception. Even though natural conception tends to have some challenges and problems too but becoming pregnant through IVF conception is far more challenging. The chance factor and risk factors of pregnancy become tenfold. But before you read about the challenges in IVF conception you should know, what is IVF conceptions.

‘In Vitro Fertilization’ or commonly known as IVF is the process, where the fertilization of an egg and sperm is done outside the body, in a petri dish in a baby scan clinic. The resulting embryos are then transplanted in the uterus. This process is mainly done in cases of infertility. As it is a bit complicated process there are many challenges in this. Lets see what are these.

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

During the IVF process, the doctors might inject hormone medication to vitalize the eggs in the ovaries. Too many injectable hormones can result in swelling and pain in the ovaries. It also causes too much weight gain, vomiting, and breathing problems. There are three stages to OHSS, and they are mild, moderate, and severe. If someone is suffering from severe OHSS, it can become life-threatening. It can cause kidney failure, ovary torsion, miscarriages, and sometimes even termination of pregnancy. It can be prevented if you don’t take hormone medicine or use it in the mildest form.

Egg retrieval procedure complications

After the ovaries stimulation, the eggs become ripened in 10 to 14 days. This is a very critical time as the eggs should be retrieved with utmost care. The eggs are then retrieved by a needle with the help of an ultrasound. So always try to go to the best ultrasound baby scan clinic. If any kind of mistake is made then it can lead to heavy bleeding from ovaries and the neighboring organs. It can also lead to, albeit rarely, to pelvic infection.

Ectopic Pregnancy

If an embryo gets instilled anywhere outside the uterus, it is called Ecotopic pregnancy. This mostly happens in the fallopian tube. 3-5% of women who go through the IVF process ends up with ectopic pregnancy. But it is totally a chance factor and there are no scientific explanations as to why this happens. If the baby keeps growing in the fallopian tube it can become a life risk to both the mother and the child. So it is necessary to have a 4D baby scan and terminate the pregnancy if needed.

Ovarian Cancer

Even though there is no scientific proof, but it is said that women conceiving through IVF process are more likely to get ovarian cancer. Also, some say that the risk of ovarian cancer is increased due to infertility.

There are also other risks like multiple births, pre-term births, birth defects, etc. But keeping the risk factors aside if you follow the instructions of a good doctor IVF can work wonders.
In case you too are seeking some assistant reproductive technique, you need to be patient as it might require a couple of attempts to make it happen.

5 Ideas On How To Give Your Baby A Special Name

When you are expecting a baby, there are so many things that you wish and plan to do before he or she arrives. Apart from taking care of your physical and mental health and the baby’s health, through an ultrasound baby scan, there are a lot more decisions that are needed to be taken to welcome your baby.

One such decision is finding the perfect name for your child. The first and foremost step to name your baby should be to know the gender of the baby. You can go to Milton Keynes gender scan clinic to learn the same. If you already know the gender but have no idea what kind of name to bestow upon your baby then here are some ideas.

Don’t be a clićhe:

One of the most common thing parents do is to name the child after their favorite actor, actress or sometimes even politicians. Now, as much as these names could turn out to be classy, but most of the times your child might grow up to be the butt of their friend’s jokes. So unless you can’t think of any other names try to avoid clićhe names.

Be gender specific:

It’s true that choosing unisex names are less overwhelming, but you should always go for the gender-specific name. Find a name that is beautiful and elegant if it’s a girl and cute but also cool if it’s a boy.

Mix names:

Blending two names can be fun too. In most cases, the parents are unable to narrow it down to one particular name. If you already have one name picked out then it’s very much possible your partner has another favorite. The best solution would be to mix and match and make a beautiful or cool name. You can even mix and match both of your name or both of your’s parents’ name.

Go for unique names:

A lot of the times kids end up with very common names. There are always too many Matthews, Lukes, Emily or Emma around us. You might want to give a name that not much people have heard of. But you also need to draw the line before you go overboard with uniqueness. You can always consult a dictionary for uncommon names with good and deep meanings.

Follow your culture:

If you have any kind of traditional name in your family don’t think twice to follow it. You can always keep your culture in mind while searching for a name whether you are Christian or Jewish.

However, there is no perfect way to pick the best name for them, so have fun while picking them. But start with a gender scan clinic to determine which road to lead towards.