6 Beauty Tips During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when the whole body undergoes changes during the hormonal change. Clothes that you used to wear suddenly do not fit, like before and the beauty regime that you used to follow before you got pregnant will not suit you anymore. Some women get lovely glowing skin for others it may be acne time. Staying and healthy is very important for staying fit during the special time of your time. Experts at Early Pregnancy Scan Milton Keynes share some interesting tips regarding beauty care regimes during pregnancy.
You need to follow some rules that you must try to follow during pregnancy:

• Stay hydrated and eat right-

Make sure you drink a lot of water to clean your body toxins. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables that will prevent your skin from looking dull and tired. You need to eat organic food, this will prevent the intake of pesticides. This is important for the baby and the mum.

• Acne flare up-

You may get an acne flare-up during the pregnancy. You need to wash the face with a face cleanser twice a day. It is important to be gentle while washing and drying the skin. Do not scrub or try to squeeze the zits. You need to opt for oil-free moisturizers and make-up during this time.

• Give yourself a manicure and pedicure-

Make manicure and pedicure a regular affair as your nails grow more quickly than expected. Go for a hand and foot scrub in warm water. Do not forget to shape your nails and do polish them with a cheerful shade to lift up your spirits.

• Styling your hair-

Go for an easy maintenance haircut that suits you, so that you do not need to spend much time on your hair every day. Getting your hair colored , curling, or ironing it is considered safe during the first trimester. You need to consult a doctor for following these style steps.

• Stretch marks-

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Stretch marks are inevitable be it your first time or your last. Start using cocoa buttercream from the moment you learn that you are expecting to a certain extent to dull the marks. You can massage with castor oil or aloe vera gel to make the marks go away.

• Adequate sleep-

Try to sleep at least eight hours a day. Sleeping well will keep puffy eyes away, and prevent your skin from looking dull and tired.