4 Unique Ideas For Baby Shower

Organizing a baby shower is a must event during your pregnancy. You can also reveal your baby’s gender after you get to know it with the help of a private ultrasound scan. But organizing a baby shower is no easy feat. We have given you some ideas on baby shower themes from which you can choose. This will certainly make your work easier.

Co-ed baby shower


You would be able to invite anyone you want to a co-ed baby shower and it could be more fun. It can be simply hanging out with your friends and family. You can do it outside in a garden if the weather is nice and serve barbecues and drinks. Otherwise, you can also do it at your home if you have enough space. Keep competitive entertaining games for the entertainment in the party and you will end up enjoying it a lot. Irrespective of the place, try to keep the decorations minimalistic.

Unisex baby shower

A unisex baby shower is another great theme for hosting a baby shower. You can reveal the name of your baby instead of revealing the gender. You can decorate the place of hosting with neutral colors. No one needs to go for pink or blue. Use fresh flowers and it would be good to host for lunch with items like salad, fish, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Sip-and-see baby shower

If you don’t want to plan an elaborate menu, you can invite everyone for tea. You can keep a few snacks to accompany the tea. Also, if you want your invitees to see the baby, you can show them the image or the video taken during the private ultrasound scan in Milton Keynes. You might not need to keep any games on the schedule for entertainment. It can be a simple meet and chat evening with tea.

Sprinkle baby shower

If you don’t want anything traditional, then go modern. Invite only a few of the close people you want there. No need to go for a lot of decorations for the shower. Foods and drinks and keeping it quite casual will do the trick. Put your feet up for some hours and enjoy.

Hopefully, you will like any one of these ideas for baby showers which are quite trendy right now. Before any kind of hosting, make sure you get a private ultrasound scan in Milton Keynes to confirm your baby is alright.

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